Using Lead Manager Saved Searches to be More Productive

In our last blog, we talked about how to build and save a customized search using CDCNews’ Lead Manager™. Today we’re going to discuss how to use that search to get the valuable information YOU need for your business. As always, go to and log in to Lead Manager™. The next steps will be illustrated below.

Once your search results load, you have a wealth of options available to you.

Now that the results are sorted to your liking, you can start digging in to the jobs that interest you.

Click on the hyperlinked name of a project you would like more information about. A new (smaller) screen will open up that looks like the one given below.

Need more regarding this project? Click the “Project Info Request” link to request additional information from our Editorial department.

NOTE: Submitting a Project Info Request asking to be added to the bidder’s list on a project DOES NOT guarantee that a contractor may bid a project. Bid Results are not available when projects are still out to bid. Contacts cannot be added to projects after the bid date has passed!

Now let’s get back to the project report. CDCNews provides the most complete data in the industry.

Note the detailed contact information for the Owner, Architect and Engineer, and when obtained by our Editorial department the General Contractor. All the principal contact information you need in order to pursue the project is provided.

Additional detailed project information is provided further within the project report.

We report projects early and update them throughout the planning, bidding and award stages and add bidders, plan holders and pre-bid meetings as they become available.

To ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date project information, we provide the date we first reported the project and the last time a project was updated on all reports.

All projects are reported by CDCNews in the same manner, therefore you can use these steps for every job we report.

Thus far we have instructed you on how to build a customized search within Lead Manager™ and how to navigate through a project report to get the all the information you need. CDCNews’ Lead Manager™ offers additional advanced features which will be discussed in future blogs. Have questions? Call us any time at 1-800-652-0008.


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  1. Terry A Cummings April 24, 2013 at 7:51 AM #

    Lead Manager is my company’s online product I manage and administrate.

  2. Terry A Cummings April 24, 2013 at 7:51 AM #

    Lead Manager is my company’s online product I manage and administrate.

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