Using CDCNews’ Total Access Plans Online™

Continuing in our exploration of features offered within Lead Manager™ in this post we will be looking at another advanced feature, Total Access Plans Online™. To view a list of plans, click the “Plans Available” icon on any project that has it displayed.

Open plans by clicking “Open Plans/Specs with Default Settings” or “Quick View”.


eTakeoff, offers numerous features, including the ability to download multiple plans.

Take-off and measurement toolbars are also available. Start by setting the correct drawing scale by clicking the button shown below.

Next, select the correct drawing scale in the boxes shown below.

Once the correct drawing scale is set, select your trace selection from the selections provided and shown below.

In this example, “Tile – SqFt” was selected. To calculate, simply click and hold your left mouse button to enlarge, and place the corner of your cursor at the trace starting location. Continue until entire area is selected (noted in blue below, with yellow marks at angles). The “Total Area” is automatically calculated as shown.

Once you have completed your tracing and calculations, you can remove the measurement toolbar by adjusting your view, as shown below.

You can continue to make unlimited measurements throughout the entire set of plans. Using Total Access Plans Online™ saves time and money and is available in Lead Manager™. In future posts we will continue to look at other advanced features that CDCNews’ Lead Manager™ offers.

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