Using CDCNews’ Lead Manager™ Single Project Search & Contact Search

Today we will be walking you through the steps to use Single Project Search to find individual projects or similar projects in CDCNews’ Lead Manager™. Single Project Search and Contact Search are located in the lower right-hand side of the Lead Manager™ home page.

Single Project Search

Enter a portion of the Job Title which is unique to that project*, select the State that the project is located in and click search. There is no need to fill in all of the boxes.

*TIP: Do not attempt to enter the entire project title. It may have been listed differently in Lead Manager™.

For example: if you are trying to find a Hotel in Florida, but you are not sure of the name. You can enter hotel under Job Title and click on Florida. As long as the word hotel is in the project name, it will pull up the project.

TIP: To locate all the projects which are bidding on a certain date in a particular State select a State and Bid Date and click “Search”

NOTE: Leave Job Title empty

Note: If looking for a project such as Walgreens – enter Walgreen. This will pull up the project if it is spelled Walgreens or Walgreen’s.

TIP: If not certain whether to hyphenate a project title try searching with the hyphen, without the hyphen and also with a space where the hyphen would go, e.g. WalMart and Wal Mart and Wal-Mart

NOTE: These projects are found in Lead Manager as Wal-Mart.

Contact Search

To search for an individual company, enter a portion of the Company Name which is unique to that company and click search. Do not enter punctuation marks, e.g. periods, commas, etc.

NOTE: this will produce all matches for companies that are listed on projects in your coverage area which contain that word or phrase. In the example below, searching for Boice Raidl Rhea Architects Inc / BRR. If the entire company name is entered and it is slightly different in Lead Manager™, it would not have resulted in the search results.

You can search for a particular Contact Type using Contact Search as well.

Example: Search for an Electrical Sub Contractor near Pembroke Pines, FL. NOTE: You can search by clicking “Search” or you can save your search by clicking “Save”. Then you can go back to it at any time.

For additional information or assistance using Single Project Search, Contact Search or other features in Lead Manager™, please call us at (800)652-0008 to speak to your Account Manager, or to have a Product Specialist walk you through Lead Manager™.






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