US Construction Industry Adds Another 12,000 Jobs In October

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the construction industry added 12,000 jobs in October. Employment in the construction industry has increased every month in 2014. The unemployment rate fell to 6.4 percent in October, marking the tenth consecutive month that it has decreased. September’s job gains in the construction industry have been updated to 19,000 jobs added, an increase of 3,000 jobs over the preliminary number of 16,000 reported last month.

The construction industry has added 231,000 jobs over the last 12 months with 219,000 of those jobs being added in 2014. Construction employment was at 6,095,000 jobs in October.



For comparison’s sake, we also took a look at the employment numbers in the construction industry supplied by ADP, the payroll and Human Capital Management firm. ADP reported the construction industry gained 28,000 jobs in October.


ADP is reporting that construction employment was at 6,170,000 jobs in October. This reflects an addition of 232,000 jobs to the construction industry over the past 12 months and an increase of 191,000 jobs added in 2014.

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