The Symbiotic Nature of the Construction Industry – Open Letter from CDCNews President & CEO Bill Black

Symbiosis is defined as a mutually beneficial relationship.

One of the more fascinating aspects of our business, and indeed our industry, is the degree to which the key participants rely on, nourish and feed one another. Owners need architects and vice versa. Owners and architects need general contractors and that goes both ways as well. GCs need subcontractors who need the GCs. When it works, it’s a well-oiled, symbiotic, machine.

Here at Construction Data Company, our role is to facilitate that process through the seamless distribution of information amongst the key players. One thing that happens as a result is that sources of project information often become customers for that information as well.

We’re not a crowdsourcing business where we only publish information that customers provide as do some others in this space, but I find it rewarding and interesting to observe the degree of symbiosis between our sources and our customers.
Whether it is Warwick Construction from Houston who has provided us with hundreds of projects over the years and is also a long-term subscriber, or our newest customer who is still learning how to use us to their maximum benefit, it’s a process well worth observing.

If there is any way that we can make that process more rewarding for you, please reach out. My e-mail is and my cell is 914-523-1372.

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