Texas Bidding Landscape – October – December 2014

There were a lot of positive takeaways when looking at bidding landscape for the state of Texas during the last quarter of 2014. Construction Data reported on 2,546 total projects that bid between October 1st and December 31st. There were 2,087 public projects and 459 private sector projects that had bid dates during the fourth quarter. Total projects, public and private were all above the five-year average for October through December in Texas.


Of the 2,087 public projects, 538 were classified as General Building, 310 were Specialty Trades, 881 were Heavy/Highway and 627 were Sewer & Water projects.  There is some overlap in the numbers since projects can fall into more than one classification. General Building projects are all general construction projects regardless of size. Specialty Trades are projects with three or less trades involved where subcontractors can bid as a “prime contractor”. Heavy & Highway projects include projects involving road paving, tennis courts, athletic fields, drainage, dredging, demolition, traffic signals, site improvements and bridges. Sewer & Water are projects involving pump stations, water treatment facilities, force mains, septic work, inspection services, drainage, etc.


Engineering projects made up the majority of all public sector bids at 57 percent during October, November and December. This was followed by General/Civil Joint Projects at 15 percent, Educational at 13 percent and Governmental at 8 percent. All other industries combined to make up 7 percent of all public bids.

Looking at the public sector in terms of construction type, 1,836 projects were alterations, 133 projects were for renovations of existing structures and 153 projects were for new construction or additions.


Retail industry projects accounted for 68 percent of all private projects bid between the beginning of October and the end of December. Office and Medical projects both accounted for 9 percent each. The construction type for private projects was pretty evenly split with new construction and additions totaled 241 projects and there were 225 projects that were for renovations and alterations.


All of the information in this report was provided using Construction Data’s Commercial Construction Market Intelligence (CCMI). If you would like to learn more about currently bidding opportunities in your area, please visit us at www.cdcnews.com.


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