Taking On New Challenges – Open Letter From Construction Data President Bill Black

“How To Spot Talent. Hint: Experience Is Overrated” That’s the headline for the current issue of the Harvard Business Review, and while I am not always a huge fan of HBR as I find it often too theoretical, this article caught my interest. One of the author’s points (briefly stated) was that we are all looking for growth when we hire, we’re looking for folks who can help us grow our business. And folks who get stuck in the same rut (too much experience) may not be the right ones to find growth.

Instead, the author suggests that we look for people who are curious, who are looking to reshape and grow themselves often by taking on new hobbies and challenges. It’s an interesting perspective and it set me to wondering, what new challenges are our customers taking on? What new adventures have they launched for themselves?

So here’s the deal, you tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine!

Best, Bill Black

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