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1) 156px-Home_Insurance_Building

Generally considered to be the world's first skyscraper, this was the first tall building to feature a structural steel skeleton frame as opposed to heavy masonry walls. It rose to 10 stories and reached a height of 138 feet. Sadly, it was demolished in 1931.

2) Empire_State_Building_by_David_Shankbone_crop

King Kong met his demise after climbing atop this iconic skyscraper. It held the title of world's tallest skyscraper for a whopping 40 years.

3) 240px-Burj_Khalifa

At 2,723 feet (829.8 meters), this building is currently the world's tallest building. It also features the world's highest nightclub, world's highest restaurant and the world's highest observation deck among many other accolades.

4) 240px-TransAmBldg_3871

This iconic San Francisco landmark was completed in 1972 and remains the tallest building in the city. At the base of the building is a plaque commemorating two stray dogs, Bummer and Lazarus, who used to roam the streets of San Francisco in the 1960s and were known for the rat-killing prowess.

5) 240px-Taipei101.portrait.altonthompson

This skyscraper features the world's fastest elevator. The elevator's top speed is 3,313 feet per minute which is about 37.7 mph. Passengers can make the trip from the 5th to the 89th floor in just 37 seconds.

Each of the 73 floorplates in this 1,005 foot skyscraper are rotates 1.2 degrees from the floor beneath resulting in the world's tallest twisted skyscraper that rotates a full 90 degrees from the base to the top.

7) 300px-Petronas_Twin_Towers_2010_April

The skybridge linking these twin towers are not attached to the main structures. They were engineered to slide in and out of the buildings as the towers move with the wind.


Londoners have a penchant for assigning nicknames to the city's skyscrapers. Originally known as London Bridge Tower, this skyscraper's official name was changed in favor of its nickname.


Standing at a patriotic 1,776 feet, this building is currently the tallest in North America and the third tallest in the world.

10) Chrysler_Building_by_David_Shankbone_Retouched

This Art Deco skyscraper was the first man-made structure to exceed 1,000 feet, but only held the title of world's tallest for 11 months. The crown of the building is clad in Enduro KA-2 steel, aka Nirosta, developed by Krupp.


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