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Safety should be the top priority for every person on the construction site. We've put together a Fall Protection Quiz based on OSHA's Construction Standards on Fall Protection. Take our quiz and find out if you are a Safety Expert or a Safety Fail.

1) fallprotection1

In construction, fall protection is required when employees are working are at what height above a lower a lower level where there is an unprotected side or edge?
2) fallprotection2

According to OSHA, the three prescribed fall protection systems are:

The three main components of a personal fall arrest system are:
4) fallprotection3

The only fall protection system that actually prevents falls is:
5) safetynet

Which of the following is true of safety nets when used as fall protection in construction?
6) fallprotection4

On personal fall arrest systems, anchorage and connecting devices such as D-rings or snaphooks and vertical lifelines or lanyards must each have a minimum strength of:
7) fallprotection5

When using a personal fall arrest system, a workers should NOT be allowed to free fall more than:
8) guardrails

The top edge of a guardrail system must be how high above the walking/working surface?
9) weight

The top edge of guardrail systems must, without failure, withstand a force of:
10) fallprotection6

Workers exposed to fall hazards must receive proper training from a:

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