Southeast Region Bidding Landscape – May – July 2015

We’ve got an in-depth look at the bidding landscape for the Southeast region for May through July 2015. We’ve expanded our coverage of the region to include the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Our report focuses on commercial construction projects that had bids due during the months of May, June and July. Construction Data reported on 9,520 construction projects that had a bid date between May 1st and July 31st in the Southeast.  Of the 9,520 total projects, 7,859 were public sector bids and 1,661 were private sector projects.

Compared to the three-year average for the same time period this is an increase in total bids, public bids and private bids. Total bids and private bids are higher this year over last year during the same three-month period. Public bids were about even when compared to the numbers from the previous year.


Of the 7,859 public projects, 2,467 were classified as General Building, 1,441 were Specialty Trades, 3,659 were Heavy/Highway and 1,176 were Sewer & Water projects.  There is some overlap in the numbers since projects can fall into more than one classification.


General Building projects are all general construction projects regardless of size. Specialty Trades are projects with three or less trades involved where subcontractors can bid as a “prime contractor”. Heavy & Highway projects include projects involving road paving, tennis courts, athletic fields, drainage, dredging, demolition, traffic signals, site improvements and bridges. Sewer & Water are projects involving pump stations, water treatment facilities, force mains, septic work, inspection services, drainage, etc.

Engineering projects accounted for 49 percent of all public sector bids during May through July with Roadwork projects making up 54 percent of all Engineering projects. This was followed by Educational at 16 percent and then General/Civil Joint Projects and Governmental both at 12 percent. Taking a look at the public sector in terms of construction type, 6,852 projects were for alterations, 490 projects were for new construction or additions and 640 projects were for renovations of existing structures.


Retail construction projects dominated the private sector making up 68 percent of all project bids. Retail Stores accounted for 42 percent of all Retail projects followed by Restaurants at 16 percent. Residential, Hospitality/Entertainment and Medical projects accounted for 6 percent each, followed by Office construction projects at 5 percent. Looking at the private sector by construction type we find that 1,004 projects were for renovations to existing buildings, 630 were for new construction and additions to existing construction and 75 were for alterations to existing sites.


All of the information in this report was provided using Construction Data’s Commercial Construction Market Intelligence™ (CCMI).




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