Prospering A Century From Now? – Open Letter From Construction Data President Bill Black

“We completed two large acquisitions, spending almost $18 billion to purchase all of NV Energy and a major interest in H. J. Heinz. Both companies fit us well and will be prospering a century from now.” Warren Buffet’s Letter to Shareholders, March, 2014

Prospering a century from now? There’s a concept for you. As the most successful investor of our time, Warren Buffet often has a unique perspective, one that has certainly served his shareholders well, with the stock of Berkshire Hathaway, his firm, growing at an average rate of 20% a year since he took over 40+ years ago. If he can think long-term, how do we do it?

We all have short term pressures, whether from bosses, owners, customers, or employees. All of us face the need to insure our company’s health whether it is planning for succession, hiring the right people or just making payroll. But how many of us take the time to think about the longer run?

While a century may be excessive (but who would bet against Buffet?) the lesson here is that planning counts. Knowing what might be coming down the road seems a heck of a lot wiser than being blindsided. As a good friend of mine remarks, “We’re used to the disappointments; it’s the surprises that kill us.”

One thing that we firmly believe can help our customers plan wisely and avoid surprises is our service,, and the consistent use of our service. Whether it’s just short-term bidding information on which you can act, now, today, or longer term planning news or even the longer perspective that our Commercial Construction Market Intelligence product offers, we’re here to help you thrive and survive.

And, who knows, 100 years from now our successors may well be writing letters that are as insightful as Warren Buffet’s. Now that would be fun!

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you for the next century, or more.

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