Northeast Region Bidding Landscape for January 2013

Despite a typical seasonal decline in bids for projects like roadwork and sewer and water, the bidding landscape for January 2013 in the Northeast region offered many opportunities. This region covers the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. CDCNews reported on 1,803 construction projects that bid during January in this region.  Public sector bids accounted for 1,383 of those projects and 420 were private sector projects.

Of those 1,383 public projects, 508 were classified as General Building, 347 were Specialty Trades and 714 were Engineering. Of the Engineering projects, 241 were for roadwork, 109 were for site work, 106 were for bridges and 79 were for sewer and water projects.

Of the public projects that bid last month, 126 involved new construction or additions and 1,310 involved renovations or alterations to current structures. The overlap in total projects is a result of some projects involving aspects of both.

The industry with the most projects publicly bid in October was Engineering at 46%. These include sewer and water, roadwork, bridges, site work and utilities. Education projects were the next highest at 15% followed by Governmental at 14% and General/Civil Joint projects at 13%.


On the private sector side of the 420 projects reported out to bid last month, 77 involved new construction or additions with 356 projects involving renovations, alterations or fit outs of existing structures.

The Retail Industry accounted for 44% of all private projects that bid in January. Commercial Office was second and accounted for 18% followed by Medical at 11% and then Educational at 9%.


Following is a sampling of the projects that bid in the region during January 2013:

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey took prequalified general contractor bids on January 29th for the Newark Liberty Airport Taxiway P Improvements. Tilcon New York, Inc. was the apparent low bidder with an amount of $18,850,000.

C.S. Margison, Inc. out of Farmington, CT is the Design-Builder for the construction of a new dormitory shell building at the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT. Subcontractor bids were received in January for the 23,155 SF structure.

The Massachusetts DOT received bids on January 9th for the I-495 Taylor Street Bridge Replacement. SPS New England, Inc. out of Salisbury, MA was the apparent low bidder with a bid of $26,760,361.

General contractor Glacon Contracting Co., Inc. received subcontractor bids on January 25th for the Danvers Riverview condominium project in Danvers, MA. The 30,000 SF project designed by Rumpf Design Group out of Salem, MA will encompass four two-story buildings.

The Abington Regional Wastewater Authority received bids for upgrades to their Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chinchilla, PA. The Architect/Engineer on the project was Gannett Fleming, Inc. out of Camp Hill, PA and the apparent low bidder was The Quandel Group out of Harrisburg, PA with bid of $20,374,500.

Bids were opened on January 29th by the Dormitory Authority for the State of New York for the Bronx Mental Health Redevelopment project. Jacobs Engineering is the Construction Manager on the project which was designed by The Spector Group out of Woodbury, NY. The apparent low bidder was ARC Electrical & Mechanical out of Brooklyn, NY. The project consists of construction of a 39,600 SF Transitional Living Residence, a 26,700 SF Horizon House-Haven House and 30,000 SF of studio apartments.

Subcontractor bids were received on January 29th for the Riverhead Shopping Center Units C & D project in Riverhead, NY by the general contractor, EMJ Corporation out of Waltham, MA. The shopping center is owned by Saber Real Estate Advisors, LLC out of Armonk, NY and the architect on the project was Herschman Architects, Inc. out of Cleveland, OH. The project involves construction of four new retail buildings and will house a Dick’s Sporting Goods, a Buffalo Wild Wings and a Five Below.

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