Mike Bloomberg: The Futurist – Open Letter From CDCNews President & CEO Bill Black

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced an enormous construction initiative to help protect the City against the ravages of future storms the size of last year’s Sandy which devastated parts of the City. The initiative covered construction projects from wetlands to barrier walls and was breath taking in its scope.

What struck me, especially in light of last month’s horrible tornadoes and fires out West, was how farsighted Mayor Bloomberg is probably going to be. One may debate endlessly whether or not the earth is warming, who is to blame, should we buy from China, etc. But what one cannot ignore is that the storms and weather events that we are seeing are more severe than they have been in the recent past.

Combined with more people living in more vulnerable areas, we may very well be on the cusp of an environmentally-driven construction upswell, building and rebuilding structures and infrastructures to withstand these increasingly alarming events.

That kind of construction can be very good news for almost anyone in our industry. Large projects always involve large firms, of course, but increasingly they also call for the kind of trade-specific skills in which smaller, focused firms have built a track record of expertise. There are not a lot of firms around, for example, who know how to build canal systems in wetlands.

Could this be good for your business? I hope so. And I hope we can continue to bring these kinds of projects to your attention, normally before any one else.

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