From Gutenberg to Google – Open Letter from CDCNews President & CEO Bill Black

From Gutenberg to Google

I was musing the other day about the tremendous impact of the Internet on our business and it set me to wondering about its impact on others as well. We’ve moved Construction Data Company from a newspaper publisher to an online database information service and my sense is that plenty of our customers and fellow construction industry professionals have experienced many of the same changes in their business. How about you?

Is your business up on the web? Do you have your own web site? Is it tablet or mobile enabled? Do you use tablets or smart phones in your business? Has all that technology made it any easier, or are the fundamental challenges of finding the right people, the right jobs and the right price still the same?

My sense is that there is an interesting dialogue to be had here in our community and I encourage others to participate. For me, the “Ah, ha” or “wow” moment was realizing I could pretty much find anything I wanted (except for some reason phone numbers?) on my iPhone. How about you?

I look forward to hearing from you, either here or at 914-523-1372, the aforementioned iPhone.

Best, Bill Black


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