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1. The solid connection of one material to another; a substance which causes such a joining to take place. 2. The adhesion between masonry units and mortar or grout. 3. The patterns and methods in which brick and block are installed, for example, American bond, basket weave, Dutch cross bond, Flemish bond, running bond, and stack bond. 4. The adhesion between the surface of a reinforcing bar and the adjacent concrete, mortar, or grout. 5. The adhesion of cement paste to aggregate. 6. The degree of firmness with which the paper adheres to the gypsum board core. 7. The junction of the weld metal and the base metal. 8. The adherence of the bitumens between two layers of roofing felts. 9. See Chemical Bond. 10. See Mechanical Bond. 11. See Surety Bond. 12. See Completion Bond. 13. See Performance Bond. 14. See Payment Bond. 15. See Roof Bond. 16. See Bid Bond.

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