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1. A straight wood or metal piece used as a lever, support, barrier, or fastening. 2. A barrier of any shape. 3. A submerged or partly submerged sand bank along a shore or in a river often obstructing navigation. 4. The railing in a courtroom separating the judge, jury, lawyers, and witnesses from the spectators. 5. A particular system of courts. 6. The whole body of lawyers qualified to practice in a jurisdiction. 7. A building, room, or counter at which food or beverages are served. 8. A small shop or stall serving refreshments, such as a snack bar. 9. A specialized department in a large store, as a watch repair bar. 10. A steel member used to reinforce concrete. 11. Unit of pressure; one bar equals 0.9869 atmospheres (one million dynes per square centimeter).

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