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Latest Massachusetts Construction Projects in the Pre-Bid/Planning Stage:

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  1. John Gilbert February 14, 2015 at 7:49 PM #

    I ‘ve been installing floors for 35+yrs.. I’m off my knees now & in the management part of the business. A major flooring co. in Danvers,MA. hired me as a project manager to save a $3.5m contract that they were going to lose. In 3 wks, i straightened out & organized this project . This Co. does 5-6 million a yr. but mostly in residential property complexes & alway’s has the bull-crap punch list in order to get paid(not worth it). I have alway’s been in commercial flooring & that’s where the money is. So, i asked the Co. if i could do take-off’s for commercial bid’s & there in to try it,plus i’ll get a great commision if we get a bid. My ? is, i have to pay out of my pocket a couple of jobs to bid on in MA.,so the Co. see’s how it works til they commit to a service like your’s(money is no problem). Can i get a free trial to bid on a few projects in MA.?? My old employer always used Dodge reports but i never liked them(always a problem & over priced). I know i can make this work ,just got to show the Co. a couple of take-offs i got from you & they’ll buy your best service with know problem. Please e-mail me back. Thank You John

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