Construction Industry Employment Increases By 20,000 In November

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their monthly employment situation report this morning and the construction industry added 20,000 jobs during the month of November. Despite the jobs gains, unemployment in the construction industry rose from 6.4% to 7.5% which is a good sign because it probably means more people are seeking employment in industry.

The employment numbers for October in the construction industry have been revised showing only 7,000 jobs were added compared to the 12,000 jobs added previously reported based on preliminary figures. The construction industry has added an average of 21,000 jobs each month in 2014 with 233,000 jobs added so far this year.


ADP, the payroll and Human Capital Management firm, reported that the construction industry added 17,000 jobs in November, 10,000 jobs fewer than the 27,000 they reported were added in October. According to ADP, the construction industry has added 209,000 jobs in 2014.

The BLS has total construction employment in November at 6,109,000 compared to the ADP figure of 6,188,000. These two figures aren’t too far off from each other with the good news being that both have reported steady gains in employment all year long.



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