Is Construction Becoming Mobile? – Open Letter From CDCNews President Bill Black

While we know that “all construction is local,” I am increasingly wondering whether or not mobile computing is making serious inroads into our industry and improving our lives as it does. For sure, we all use phones, but how many of us truly use our smartphones to stay on top of our business? And what about tablets like the iPad? Are those really impacting what we do every day?

Given that a chunk of our customer base here at CDCNews still receives information via newspaper and another slice of our information goes out via fax every day, I wonder how many folks are really using mobile devices, which ones they are using and for what purpose.

I know that in my travels, and I travel every week, the seatmates on the plane that seem to be doing serious work are still doing it on their laptops while those watching movies and YouTube are glued to their iPads. At the same time, my host for the Labor Day weekend was attached to his iPad for three days, perhaps because he‘s a devoted follower of the Alabama Crimson Tide, which did win Saturday. That’s a narrow sample, for sure, but I wonder what other folks are observing?

So reach out and let us know what is happening in your business as a result of more readily available mobile computing. Are you texting now instead of calling? Are you on your e-mail all day even in the field? I doubt many folks are looking at plans and specs on tablets in the field, but maybe I am wrong.

Where is the impact now and, more importantly, where do you see it going? A ripe subject for discussion, it would seem to me.

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