ClockShark – Construction Time Clock Software & App Review

Screenshot_2014-08-12-16-30-46For the past week I’ve had the opportunity to test-drive and review ClockShark, a new time clock software and mobile app designed specifically for construction companies. ClockShark is a cloud-based software so you can access it from any desktop or laptop with an Internet connection. The mobile app, which turns your employees’ smartphones into personal time clocks, is available for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones. ClockShark packs a ton of features and functions into a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Setting up an account was simple and straightforward. It only took a couple of minutes to enter the required contact info, select your time zone and whether or not to calculate overtime and at what number of hours. You also have the option of enabling locations and departments for grouping, filtering and display purposes.

Once the account is set up you can add jobs, tasks and employees to your account. When you add a job you can track your labor budget for job costing by selecting total hours budgeted and get an email alert when a designated numbers of hours are left on a job based on hours worked by your employees. The initial set-up was so intuitive that I didn’t even bother watching the instructional video until after I had finished.

The software allows you to schedule shifts and view and edit time sheets which is a great feature in case one of your employees forgets to clock in/out or forgets to bring their phone to work one day. The software lets you set up a number of optional email alerts when an employee clocks in/out early or late, misses clocking in on a scheduled shift or if they clock in on an unscheduled day. ClockShark also features easy reporting on time cards, employees summary, jobs summary, employee details and job details which are presented as PDF files.

Just like the software, the ClockShark mobile app is easy to navigate and use. Employees clock in after selecting a job and task and adding any optional notes. When work is completed an employee can either clock out or switch to another job and/or task. The mobile app allows employees to view their schedule and manually sync data. If you try log out of the mobile app you will be prompted with a warning that if you have any unsynchronized data or are currently clocked in the data will be lost once you log out. The mobile app uses GPS tracking technology so you can see where each employee’s location when the clock in or out.


More features are expected to be added to the recently launched software like geofencing which would only allow employees to clock in when they are at their scheduled jobsite and would be clocked out if they leave the site.  There are also plans for a real time summary feed of all employees, locations, jobs, etc. that can be monitored on the administrator’s dashboard.

Bottom line, if you are looking for an easy-to-use time clock solution for your construction company you need to check out ClockShark’s 14-day free trial. Plans start at $8 per user per month.

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