CDCNews’ Private Projects Snapshot – May 15, 2013

At Construction Data Company we report on private projects of all shapes and sizes from new construction costing billions of dollars to minor alterations costing thousands. CDCNews is currently reporting on nearly 15,400 private sector projects in our coverage area. This includes the approximately 3,700 new projects we’ve reported on in the last 90 day. Our reporters have gathered information on 1,400 brand new projects in the past 30 days to add to our ever-expanding database of project. We cover projects from every stage of the bid cycle from early planning to general contractor bidding and then on to the award to a general contractor and subcontractor pricing.

We are currently reporting on roughly 800 private sector construction projects that are active and out to bid to general contractors and subcontractors. This is in addition to the approximately 7,000 public projects out for bids and subcontractor pricing. Regardless of your company’s scope or size we have projects ranging from minor alterations to existing structures to massive new construction projects. We cover all industries including Retail, Residential, Educational, Medical, Office, Hospitality/Entertainment, Religious, Industrial and Transportation. Whether your firm is a general contractor, specialty contractor or supplier we have a number of projects and opportunities in your area.

If you’d like to learn more about active and upcoming private construction projects in your area please contact us at (800) 652-0008 or visit our website at

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