CDCNews’ Lead Manager™ – Address Book – Importing & Exporting Contacts

Within the CDCNews Lead Manager™ Address Book, there is the capability to import contacts from external address books, such as: Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, etc., as well as, export contacts from the Lead Manager™ Address Book into an Excel spreadsheet. Please note the ability to export contacts from the Lead Manager™ Address Book is only available in subscribed customer accounts.

Below are step-by-step instructions describing how to import and export contacts in the Lead Manager™ Address Book.


NOTE: The Lead Manager™ Address Book is confidential and only viewable by the subscribed user.

  1. Click


  2. Select where the contacts are saved.


  • Click


    Import from Outlook/Outlook Express Instructions window opens and displays:



  • Click the “Install” button to install Plaxo. If following alert message window opens:


  • Click “Install” in the Security Warning window to install Plaxo
  • Click “Browse” to select the
    folder that contains the contacts to be imported


  • Click checkbox(s) next to contact(s) you want to import into your Lead Manager™
    Address Book, OR click ‘Check All’ to import all contacts which are displayed


  1. Click the “Import from Outlook manually instead” link if ActiveX cannot be used
  2. NOTE: If there are not any contacts listed click “Back” and select
    follow these steps to create an Outlook “CSV” file


  • Open Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Click “File” and Select “Import and Export.”
  • Select “Export to a File” and Click “Next.”
  • Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and Click “Next.”
  • Select your “Contacts” folder and Click “Next.”
  • Select location to save the file and Enter a title for the .CSV file and Click “Next.”
  • NOTE: Make sure to check the box next to “Export Contacts from the Contacts Folder,” then Click “Finish” to export the data to the .CSV file

OPTIONAL: The Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file which was saved can now be imported into your Plaxo Online address book. Please make sure that the “First,” “Last,” or “Company Name” fields contain data before importing to your Plaxo Online address book.

NOTE: Your Plaxo Online address book can only import data that Outlook exports to the .CSV file. If Outlook does not place some of your data in the .CSV file, the data will not be imported. Outlook 97 may export different fields than other versions of Outlook.

NOTE: Select box(s) next to each contact you want added to your Lead Manager™
Address Book, OR click “Check All” to import all your contacts

  1. Click Next. A message window opens which states: “these are the contact you have selected”



  2. Click Done. Contacts selected to import appear in a window at the top of the Lead Manager™
    Address Book with a statement which states “Please verify the contacts you selected from the Plaxo tool, then click add:”


  1. Select Group, if desired, then


  1. Click to complete the contact import process. All contacts selected are displayed at the top of your Lead Manager™ Address Book. If all contacts are not displayed, note there are additional pages.



  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Lead Manager™ Address Book page



  2. Click
    button and the following opens:









    NOTE: Click Down Arrow to display the following:






  1. Click or
    , depending on browser being used,
    and the following opens in Excel:


  1. Click “File” and Select “Save or Save As” to save the exported contacts as an Excel file.

For additional information or assistance using the Lead Manager™ Address Book import and export capabilities, please call us at (800)652-0008 to speak to your Account Manager, or to have a Product Specialist walk you through Lead Manager™.

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