CDCNews Gives Contractors an Edge on the Competition with Online Business Intelligence Tool

(Vero Beach, Fla. – March 13, 2013) — Designed to let contractors do more with proprietary project data, commercial construction leads provider CDCNews has added the Commercial Construction Market Intelligence™(CCMI™) application to its popular Lead Manger™ tool. CCMI provides historical data on projects in local markets, as well as gives CDCNews users unprecedented insight into their competitors’ rankings, pricing and bid history.

With CCMI, contractors can access data on projects from 2009 to current, getting an insider’s look at:

  • who’s winning projects in their local markets;
  • who they are competing with for upcoming projects;
  • how they rank compared to their competitors’ bidding histories;
  • which regions or counties in their areas are putting the most projects out to bid.

“We designed CCMI to provide our users with total insight into their competitors’ bids and rankings,” said CDCNews President Bill Black. “With this application, we are giving contractors, suppliers and other commercial construction professionals an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape in their local markets. We can offer these professionals trends analysis on topics such as what industries are growing and which ones are declining. We can also provide insight into where the new construction projects are, as well as what markets are focused more on renovation projects. With this tool, we also know which industries are the biggest and smallest, as well as how many projects are being bid per month, in the area. We can also offer invaluable insight into what new markets they should be looking at to expand their business opportunities.”

Contractors can search and report out of the CCMI application by company or by geography. Searching by companies allows contractors to search CDCNews’ extensive bidding archives and report bid results by company including times bid, bid results, types and sizes of projects bid in a selected timeframe.

Searching the CCMI application by geography allows contractors to search CDCNews’ bidding archives by state and/or specific counties and report bid results by various project characteristics, such as construction types, specific industries and types of work, within a selected timeframe.

“CCMI is the perfect tool for decision makers and estimators who need trending and analytical information on their local markets,” says Black. “And, CCMI is the only resource available that enables contractors to get this type of in-depth information from one source at an affordable monthly subscription cost.”

CDCNews currently offers its Lead Manager tool, including the CCMI application, to users in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. Black anticipates new markets will become available to users in 2013.

CCMI is the third upgrade CDCNews has made to its Lead Manager tool in 2013. In January, the company introduced Total Access Plans Online™, an online database of comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, verified bid information on commercial construction projects going on in their users’ local markets. In February, the company launched My Data Export™ and Invitation To Bid Pro™. With My Data Export, contractors can easily add proprietary CDCNews project data to their own software systems. Invitation To Bid Pro™ lets users share CDCNews project data with the subcontractors and suppliers in their area — even if they are not current CDCNews subscribers.

About CDCNews

CDCNews (Construction Data Company) is the industry’s leading regional provider of public and private commercial construction leads. Headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, CDCNews has provided timely, accurate, and detailed commercial construction leads to general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturer representatives for more than 35 years. For more information, visit

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