CDCNews Gives Clients The Inside Advantage

CDCNews was founded on the principle of providing superior local coverage of commercial construction projects to general contractors and subcontractors. Over time as our company has evolved and expanded the heart of our business remains the same. We provide our clients the inside advantage by combining superior information, delivery and support.

Superior Information. With editorial offices located throughout our coverage area our reporters track down projects to provide the industry’s best 2 – 6 week lead time on bid dates. CDCNews prides itself on being the leader in both private and public sector reporting, providing you with the most detailed and up-to-date information available.

Superior Delivery. CDCNews’ Lead Manager™ provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly search and track construction projects for bid and its ease of use has constantly been rated as a top benefit by our subscribers. In addition to being able to track your contacts’ and customers’ bidding activity Lead Manager™ allows you to set the frequency of updates you receive on project searches  and changes via email alerts so you only have to log on when you know there is something new to review.

Superior Service. CDCNews offers unmatched customer service that you simply will not get from any other company. In addition to having a dedicated Account Manager to work with you on training you and your colleagues on our Lead Manager™ system, you will also have a direct line to your local CDCNews Editorial Team. Our entire support team from our Account Managers to our Reporters and Editors are right here in the United States located in regional offices throughout our coverage area. This is like having your own personal research team finding and updating projects just for you.

In addition to the same top-notch reporting and world-class customer service that our clients have come to expect our recently released Lead Manager™ Version 4.1 has several new enhancements and features to the information provided making it even easier to search and sort results. In addition to our intuitive and user-friendly interface, Lead Manager™ allows clients to save an unlimited number of customized project searches and our Project Tracker™ sends e-mail alerts notifying clients of updates on the projects you select for constant monitoring.

CDCNews also offers a suite of products to complement Lead Manager™ Version 4.1 and provide clients with everything they need to know to win jobs in their local public and private commercial building market. This includes:

Total Access Plans Online™ offers 24/7 access to digital plans and specs, with the ability to preview them immediately. Plans are available when you want and need them. Digital delivery is immediate and all of our plans include a FREE “cost estimator” powered by eTakeoff.

My Data Export™ offers a convenient solution for exporting project data to integrate into your CRM tool. My Data Export™ allows users to download your data from CDCNews Lead Manger™ into universally easy-to-import formats such as XML. Project data can be sent via email or to a designated ftp site and downloads can be preset so that updates are sent automatically. Data streams with a live hyperlink so that you can automatically “link-back” to the project simply by clicking on the link.

Invitation To Bid Pro™ provides clients with an intuitive program to easily access and invite their subcontractors to bid. Customers have access to upload and update their subcontractor database for easy access during the invitation to bid process as well as gaining access to an entire network of new subcontractors in their area. Invitation To Bid Pro™ provides a simple click-and-invite solution and invitations are sent via email, and contain hyperlinks to the project and online plans for easy reference by subcontractors who can then easily reply to the invitation.

Users can also brand their Invitation To Bid Pro™ email and profile with your company contact information and company details.

Commercial Construction Market Intelligence™ provides unprecedented insight into competitor’s rankings, pricing and bid history. CCMI™-Companies allows you to search CDCNews’ extensive bidding archives and report bid results by company including times bid, bid results, types and sizes of projects bid in a selected timeframe. CCMI™-Geographies allows you to search CDCNews’ bidding archives by geographies (states, or specific counties) and report bid results by various project characteristics, such as construction types, specific industries and types of work, within a selected timeframe.

Lead Manager – Enterprise Edition™ sets the standard with the most powerful and comprehensive online tool set in the industry. With the Lead Manager – Enterprise Edition™, clients have full access to our entire suite of products: Lead Manager™, Total Access Plans Online™, My Data Export™, Invitation To Bid Pro™ and Commercial Construction Market Intelligence™. Enterprise Edition™ is like having a dedicated research team at your disposal 24/7.

CDCNews’ Inside Advantage Initiative reaffirms our focus on reporting the most projects in the public and private commercial market delivered in a detailed, convenient and easy-to-access format to provide the greatest opportunities to our clients to win bids. Stay tuned as we will be launching more product features in the future as we continue to provide our clients superior information, delivery and support.

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