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Greetings All,

Our Building Blocks blog has been up and running for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone who has been reading it so far and provide a brief overview on the types of posts we will be bringing you in the future. The purpose of the blog is to proactively address topics and trends influencing the commercial construction industry and to foster discussions and conversations through our comments section. Each week we will be bringing a number of posts with in-depth information on industry projects and trends indispensable to construction professionals serving all industries.

Our posts will be divided into eight searchable categories:

Bidding – This category is intended to bring you information in order to help you find and win more bids. From our Bidding Insights series to assist you in finding and selecting the right work to marketing and selling your services to estimating and price proposals. In this category you will also find our weekly Hot Projects report which provides you with information on the most popular projects being searched and viewed by our customers in our Lead Manager database for each state in our coverage area.

Construction Data Index (CDI) – The Construction Data Index is our user-based forward-looking survey of the commercial construction industry. The index is a forecast tool that predicts future outlook for general contractors, subcontractors and building material suppliers by answering one simple question: According to industry professionals, are things getting better or worse? The CDI is compiled on a quarterly basis and provides insights from our subscribers on how their business is doing relative to six months ago and how they see their business doing six months from now.

Regional Reports – The main feature will be our monthly Bidding Landscapes series in which we take an in-depth analysis of the project that bid during the previous three months in one of four regions: the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Texas. In these reports we do a rundown on how many projects bid in the region between the public sector and private sector and provide an analysis on which industries are leading each sector in their region. We also provide a brief summary of some of the high dollar projects that recently bid in each region.

News – Our news section will bring you all the latest on what’s happening in our coverage area at the local, state and national levels.

Operating Insights – This section will focus on running your business more efficiently and safely. We will focus on a number of topics from properly securing your job site to safety tips for preventing accidents to information on the latest software to help you run you business more effectively.

Contracting Methods – From reverse auction bidding to Public-Private Partnerships to alternative contracting methods, we will provide information on all the new and trending contracting methods being used in the industry.

Legislation – In this section we will be bringing you information on current and upcoming legislation at the federal, state and local levels that will impact the commercial construction industry.

Company Spotlight – Our company spotlights is the place for our readers to learn more about your business. Each month we will highlight a general contractor, specialty contractor, developer, engineering firm or architectural firm. The spotlight will focus on the company’s background and history,  the firm’s principals, the type of work the company does, industries served, recent contract awards, industry awards and recently completed projects. If your firm or company is interested in being showcased, my contact information will be at the bottom of this post.

The blog is intended to be an additional resource provided by CDCNews for contractors to be more competitive and grow their business opportunities in local markets. “We designed Building Blocks to connect construction professionals both with projects and with each other,” said CDCNews President Bill Black. “At CDCNews, we are more than just a regional lead service; we have a unique understanding of the commercial construction industry that helps contractors expand their business opportunities. Building Blocks is a platform for us to share our knowledge and expertise —we cover topics from all points of view so readers will have the information they need to make the best business decisions.”

You can subscribe to our blog by providing you email address in the subscription box on the right-hand side of our page. Subscribers will receive an email alert each time a new post is added to our blog. You can also find all of our blog posts by following us on Facebook at or Twitter at @CDCNews.

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas to make our blog better or if you are interested in being showcased in our Company Spotlight section, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for reading,

Kendall Jones
Social Media Editor

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