Building A Saved Search Using CDCNews’ Lead Manager

Welcome to the first of what will be an ongoing series of tutorials, tips, tricks and techniques for customers of CDCNews’ Lead Manager database to maximize your use of our system so you never miss out on bidding opportunities in your coverage area.

Building A Saved Search

To set up a Saved Search, click on the “Advanced Search” tab.

Disclaimer: Only fields marked with an asterisk are required in order to perform/save a search. Selecting additional items will affect the number of projects returned in the search results.

Select your State or States & Counties (holding the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard will allow you to select multiple States or Counties).

Select the Section (all that apply): General Building, Specialty Trades, Heavy & Highway, Sewer & Water

Note: General Building projects are all general construction projects regardless of size. Specialty Trades are projects with three or less trades involved where subcontractors can bid as a “prime contractor”. Heavy & Highway projects include projects involving road paving, tennis courts, athletic fields, drainage, dredging, demolition, traffic signals, site improvements and bridges. Sewer & Water are projects involving pump stations, water treatment facilities, force mains, septic work, inspection services, drainage, etc.

Select the Stage: It is much easier to do three separate searches – one search for “Bidding & Sub Bids”, one search for “Planning”, and one search for “Bid Results – Contracts Awarded & Awaiting Awards”. You want to do this as you will check these searches at different frequencies. Bidding should be checked most every day, where Planning can be checked less often & Bid Results can be checked as needed.

Select the Construction Type – leaving boxes unchecked will select all.

Select the Bid Type “Public or Private” – leaving boxes unchecked will select all.

Divisions of Work: you can select the Divisions of Work that apply to your trade or you can leave blank to select all.

Advanced Search Options: This is where you can perform either a project or contact search using keywords which are listed in the project data for a project search or contained in company names for a company search. Please note: you have up to 250 characters that can be entered into this box. Enter all variations of the word you are searching for. For example: if you are looking for roofing projects, use “roof, roofing” – there is no need to use “shingle roofing” since it would only return results with the term “shingle roofing” whereas “roof, roofing” would contain results with either of those keywords. By checking Division(s) boxes in “Divisions of Work” and entering keyword(s) in “Projects” only projects with both the division listed and keyword listed will appear in search results, therefore, we do not recommend using division codes and keywords in the same search.

Job Planning Stages: Leave this on “All Planning Stages” for Bidding Searches or Results Searches. Only use pre-planning or final planning if you have a Planning only search. Otherwise, it will negate the results for Bidding, Sub Bids, Results or Awards.

Job Contracting Method: Most of the time, you will want to leave this on “All Contracting Methods.” If you select Private, any Public projects will automatically be eliminated from your search.


Industry Type: You can leave on “All Industry Types” or make selection(s). Once an Industry Type is selected, you can also select Industry Sub Types below. Holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard will allow you to select multiple Industry Types and Industry Sub Types.

Value: Always leave the beginning value blank. We will not put a construction estimate on a project unless we are given this information from a reliable source. You can put a maximum value in, but please remember that construction estimates are for the entire project and you may be bidding on a small portion of this.

Units of Measure: For maximum results, please leave blank as some values may not be listed.

Stories: This can be selected or left blank.

Bid Date: We recommend leaving this blank, otherwise if a project is listed as ASAP (as soon as possible) it would not show up if a bid date range is selected.

Show All: You can click this to remove the 1,000 project limit. If you are doing a search where there may be more than 1,000 projects, make sure you check this box.

Display Mode: Brief shows up to 100 one-line project descriptions per page, which you can click on to open. Details will show the results with individual Project Details.

Finally, click on the “Save” Box.

After you click on “Save” you can name your search & set up email reminders which will notify you when new projects are added.

Name of Search: We suggest naming your search, so you know exactly what it is. An example would be Bidding or Bidding Private.

Email Hotlist Information: Click on how often you would like to receive your email reminders. Suggestion would be Weekdays (M-F) for Bidding, and once or twice per week for Planning.

Check to make sure the email address is correct.

Once you have your first search and you are satisfied with the results, you can simply copy this and change it into a Planning or Result Search by clicking on the pencil “edit” icon. You can change the Stage and Save As a new search.

To find your searches, simply click on the Saved Search Tab. You can then run your entire search or check for just the New & Updated Projects.

You have now learned how to use the most advanced lead database in the industry! To learn more, please contact us any time at 1-800-652-0008.

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